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Catechism Class at St.John Baptist Sub-Parish Kisugu

Our passion is to strengthen the spiritual well-being of the family, on 24th/1/2017 we were at St. John Baptist Sub-Parish Kisugu in the catechism class.

According to the catechist, Mr. Denis Matovu, he invited us to minister to the children in the catechism class because of some behaviors in his area of residence. Being in a slummy area he mentioned prostitution, witchcraft, vulgar language, poor hygiene, indecent dressing to mention but a few.

We taught them about Mother Mary, how to conduct themselves as catholic children, personal hygiene and sanitation and also encouraged them to pray together as a family.                     


DSC07597 (2)

Ojambo Christopher teaching the children on how to conduct them selves as catholic children.

These are children between the ages of 6 to 14 years and at least 50 children were available. In the section of question and answer, these children reflected exactly what the catechist asked us to do. Most of them were very dirty, indecently dressed, had a vulgar language and answered all the securer questions.

The children are more into the securer world than the Godly world and this is because of the home settings.

We are grateful for the time spent with these children because by the time we left, they were able to tell us what they have learnt and promised to share it with their parents and also put all that we taught them into consideration.                                                           DSC07635 (2)

DSC07654 (2)

 Chidren humbling themselves for a closing prayer.                                                

Being Mother Mary’s devotees, we gave them rosaries and emphasized them to pray every day at their homes and they were very happy.

DSC07652 (2) - Copy

David Kimera handing over a packet of rosaries to the assistant catechist.

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