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Praying and blessing the primary seven candidates at St.Claver Primary School Tuula-Kawempe Division.

As the primary seven candidates are preparing to write their exams next week, they need God’s guidance and blessings before the exams kick off.

We visited St. Clever Primary School- Tuula, Kawempe division, to pray and bless the primary seven candidates.

We started with praise and worship conducted by our team, to boost the morale of the children preparing them for mass celebration and a prayer moment.

The encouraging messages were passed on to the candidates by various team members, they were encouraged to read hard, never panic in the examination room and pray to God, He will make a way for them.

The mass was celebrated by Fr. Leonard Olobo, CSC who in his homily encouraged the candidates to persevere all the sufferings they are going through like waking up very early, to read their books, that when results come back they will celebrate and forget about the sufferings they went through.  Fr. Leonard added that it is through hardships that many people excel.

He appealed to parents to play their roles very well, they have to bear all the challenges because at the end it bears fruits, Fr. Leonard said, the best gift parents can give their children is education, so parents should not see this as a challenge.

He also said that education is a journey; it’s now up to the children to shape up their future. Fr. Leonard added that it is never too late for those who are still weak, to change before writing their exams.

 He also appealed to the candidates especially girls, to have a focus during the long vacation; they should take care of themselves from bad group influence, that will ruin their future.

Fr. Leonard ended the program by praying and blessing the candidates with the Holy Water, for God’s guidance and wisdom during the examination time on Monday and Tuesday (2nd and 3rd November 2015).



  1. Thank God
    and may our God bless them

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