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Rosary with the Cardinal

Holy Cross Family Ministries Kampala region prays the rosary with His Eminence Cardinal Wamala:

Many Christians desire and love to participate in prayer that’s conducted by Cardinal Wamala so as to receive the blessings, him being the only Cardinal in Uganda.

Holy Cross Family Ministries East Africa Kampala region received this blessing when we participated in praying the rosary with the small Christian community of St. Augustine Nsambya on 19th May 2015 at 6pm.

More than 100 people participated in the prayer; this is done every month of the rosary where by Christians move to each other’s homes as they pray the rosary in their respective small christian communities.

Children led in the reciting of the rosary and the litany and impressed the cardinal and the entire congregation; the cardinal served them with some sodas as a way of appreciation.

The chairman of the laity of this small christian community, Mr.John Bosco Balimunsi thanked Holy Cross Family Ministries for spreading the gospel of Mother Mary to Christians.

We were given a chance to share a word to Christians and Betty Mukisa represented the team, she emphasized them to pray the rosary every day together as a family because ‘’A family that prays together stays together’’

She also shared the miracles that Fr. Patrick Peyton performed and this all happened through praying the rosary.

Betty handed over the rosary pack to the chairman of the laity to continue distributing the rosaries to other Christians from the homes that they will visit for the evening rosary prayer.

Furthermore, Cardinal Wamala emphasized Christians to not only pray the rosary but also take the initiative of understanding it.
He said that they should make sure that it’s prayed every day because it shows the life of Christ.

His eminence also urged christians to trust Mother Mary and love her, he blessed the rosaries and we took photos with him and other Christians that participated.

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