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Lenten message from Fr. Leonard Olobo,CSC

Always reflect your image (position) the way people take you to be especially in this Lenten Period.

Let us not fast to oppress others most especially our inferiors. Today, when a family has challenges, a man transfers it to the wife, then a wife to the maid and finally the maid to the children.

I urge u all to treat each other equally, Isiah calls us to live a just life.

We pray that in everything we do God helps us manage our images in public.

                                                                     Fr. Leonard Olobo CSC

                                                                     Director,Holy Cross Family Ministries East Africa.



  1. Thank you Fr.Please pray for us.

  2. Moses Ocen (Kea amwol)

    Thanks for the lesson,it is very educative.

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