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Transforming Families Around the World through Prayer

Family Rosary is committed to promoting the prayer life of families through Rosary distribution, retreats, days of reflection, and much more. Additionally, through social media and the internet, Family Rosary is engaging millions of families in prayer and spiritual development. We have 24 offices in 17 countries!

Family Rosary Uganda

Holy Cross Family Ministries, continues to provide opportunities for families, like Mzee John and his son, to pray together through the home visits in which we meet families, listen to their life stories, pray with them and encourage them to pray together daily.

The families we visit appreciate the company and feel that Family Rosary Uganda cares and is concerned about their spiritual needs. We seek out the poor, ill, mourning, and forgotten families. Through these visits, we can plant seeds of hope and witness lives being changed through the power of Rosary prayer.

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